Learning & Wellbeing

We place a high importance on the wellbeing of our students.

We are committed to value, foster and respect the uniqueness, dignity and integrity of each person as we strive to enable each student to reach their full potential. 

In the spirit of our Josephite ethos we work to inspire confidence in our students in order to develop every dimension of their person: spiritual, emotional, social and cognitive.

We nurture wellbeing through the explicit curriculum, embed it in our policies and practices, and support it through the development of positive relationships with staff and peers.

Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

Students are able to receive support in their learning from parents and friends and students mentors who work with students to develop self-esteem, specific skills in a variety of areas and sharing of friendship and learning. 

Year 12 students contribute significantly to our LAP program by volunteering one study lesson per cycle to work with a primary buddy.

A place where we can grow

Joy in belonging | Pride in achieving | Hope in serving