Medical Care

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Students Who Are Unwell

In the event that a student falls ill during the school day, the teacher will send them to the Treatment Room, located in the front office.  One of our First Aid Officers will provide onsite treatment and will contact parents/caregivers to arrange collection if needed.

To prioritise the wellbeing of our students with ongoing medical conditions such as asthma, anaphylaxis, or diabetes, we require a current health care plan from your child's General Practitioner (GP).  The health care plan outlines the necessary steps for managing your child's specific condition effectively.

If your child requires medication to be dispensed during school hours (including prescription pharmaceuticals and antibiotics), our First Aid Officers can administer these provided that a Medication Agreement for Education and Care Form is completed by your child's GP and is on file.  Please note that our First Aid Officers are unable to dispense medication without this form.  

To comply with legal requirements, all medical forms must be updated annually.  We kindly request your GP to provide updated details that align with the best practices for first aid treatment of your child's specific condition(s).

PLEASE NOTE:  If your child's medication is not kept up to date, they may not be permitted to participate in excursions or any activities external to school.  We strongly discourage medication in school bags.

Student Care Insurance

Caritas College has a Student Care insurance policy which provides benefits for a range of non-Medicare medical services, such as dental and physiotherapy. Services provided by a Doctor, Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Pathologist and Radiologist that have a Medicare Item Number are not covered under the Student Care policy. Further information in relation to this policy can be found at this link.

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