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Our Canteen is open daily and supplies a selection of healthy lunches and snacks for students. We follow the 'Right Bite' Guidelines as part of the college Healthy Eating Policy.


Qkr! - Cash-Less Canteen Ordering

Qkr! is a safe, secure and reliable way to pay for your recess and lunch

Our Canteen offers Qkr! (pronounced 'Quicker') as an easy to use, secure phone app for making canteen payments from your mobile phone.

Parents and caregivers may order their child's recess and lunch all without the worry of children using cash at the counter.

Qkr! will accept payment using any credit/debit card (except American Express) and has a simple checkout function. 


  • From the commencement of 2022, cash lunch orders will no longer be available through the Canteen.  Cash will only be accepted at recess and lunch for snack items e.g. ice blocks.
  • Orders must be placed through the Qkr! app by 8.55am of that day.
  • Recess orders can be collected via the Canteen roller shutter on the day.
  • High school aged students wishing to order via the app must collect their order via the Canteen roller shutter on the day.
  • Primary aged students will continue to receive their lunch order via their class Canteen box.


For instructions and tips on how to download and use Qkr!, click on the link below.

  • Register your information.
  • Search for Caritas College.
  • Register your child/children's profile.
  • Start ordering!

Canteen Pricelist and Volunteering

Parent and school community volunteers are welcome to assist the Canteen operator.  If you feel that you could spare some time each month, please contact the College.  For further information on volunteering, please refer to opportunities to be involved

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