Religious Education

In partnership with parents and families, we educate the whole person, taking into account the students’ intellectual, moral, spiritual, religious, physical and social development.

Through education, we help young people develop a capacity for sound judgement and introduces them to the cultural heritage handed down to them by former generations.

Caritas College promotes values drawn from the Catholic Tradition in order to prepare students for more active participation in the world. Hence, education is understood as both a work of love and a service to society. Through the teaching of Religious Education we strive for excellence and integrity in all facets of school life.

How We Teach Religious Education

From Reception to Year 12 Religious Education has educational outcomes and is taught using the same creative methods, rigour and assessment tools, as in other curriculum areas.

The curriculum frameworks used are Crossways: Religious Education Framework for SA Catholic Schools, Made In The Image Of God: Human Sexuality Program for SA Catholic Schools.

The Retreat and Seminar Day Program

The Retreat and seminar day program is an integral part of the RE curriculum.

This mode of course delivery enables students to experience and participate in a range of learning experiences where students are invited to pray, reflect, develop relationships and deepen their faith.

They learn about themselves and their place in the world and share a bond with other students in reflection.

A place where we can grow

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