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Leadership Structure

Executive Leadership

Mr Damian Smith
Deputy Principal
Mrs Mary Manning
Business Manager Leader
Mrs Piera Gough


Leadership of Learning & Wellbeing

R-6 Director of Learning & Wellbeing
Mr Leigh O'Shaughnessy
Years 7-12 Director of Learning & Wellbeing
Mrs Norah Grover
Coordination of Learning & Innovation
Mrs Lexie Morris

Teaching & Learning Coordination

Inclusive Learning Coordination
Mrs Veronica McLachlan
Middle Years Learning Enrichment Coordination
Miss Alanah Rowe
School Coordination
Mrs Therese Noll


Lead Teachers

R-6 Learning & Curriculum
Miss Chelsey Caputo
Years 7-12 Learning & Curriculum
Mrs Fiona Antonic
Student Leadership
Mr Henry Wallis
VET Coordinator
Mrs Susy Rogers
Faith & Pastoral Care
Miss Michelle Antoniciello
Secondary Sports
Mr Jack Muirhead
SEQTA Implementation
Mr Troy Clohessy
R-2 Literacy & Intervention
Miss Jessica Freeman


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