Out of School Hours Care

Port Augusta West Primary School operates an Out of School Hours Care program which can be accessed by Caritas College students.  

Those families wishing to access OSHC services must contact them direct by phoning 0419 481 957 or via email: oshc.contact220@schools.sa.edu.au

The OSHC mobile phone is in service only during OSHC times listed below:

Before School 7.00am - 8.30am
After School 3.10pm - 6.00pm

School Holidays and Student Free Days
(bookings essential)

8.00am - 6.00pm

Caritas College OSHC Process

Students who access OSHC in the morning are walked up to Caritas College accompanied by one of our staff members.
We have recently been working through a number of changes to the OSHC processes for families in regard to transfer to the site in the afternoons as well as the notification processes. Please note the following changes: 
  • Notification process for the afternoon OSHC service:  From Monday 4th March 2024 onwards the names of students attending OSHC in the afternoon are being provided directly to Caritas from the OSHC service at lunch time of that day. Therefore, you will no longer need to call or text to notify the front office about attendance each day unless the plans for your child to attend OSHC changes throughout the day. If changes do occur, for example your child is either now going to attend OSHC in the afternoon or will no longer be attending OSHC in the afternoon, you will need to inform Caritas front office staff. 
  • Transfer to the service after school:  As of Monday 4th March, students will walk to the OSHC service accompanied by staff members. Therefore, families will no longer need to provide bus tickets for the transfer to PAWPS. On days of extreme weather conditions this transfer will be managed as necessary.    

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