Parking and Safety

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We have two emu crossings that we encourage families to use.  They are operational when the "Children Crossing" flags are displayed.  We provide crossing monitors on Shirley Street during the normal hours of going to and from school.  Crossing monitors are provided on Woodforde Street at the end of the school day.

What should pedestrians do?  Whenever people cross the road, even if the flags are displayed, they should still use the STOP LOOK LISTEN THINK procedure to check that vehicles have stopped and drivers have seen them before they walk across.  When the flags are not up pedestrians do not have priority.  They should use the STOP LOOK LISTEN THINK procedure to cross the road.  When crossing monitors are on duty, everyone must follow their instructions.

What should drivers do?  As emu crossings are in school zones, drivers must travel at no more than 25km/hr at any time when children are present on the road or footpath.  Drivers must stop for anyone interested using the crossing or about to use the crossing when flags are displayed.  When crossing monitors are on duty, drivers must follow their instructions.  Click here to enlarge map.

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