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Year 9 Science Excursion - Sundrop Farm


The Year 9 Science classes have been focussing on energy this term, and have recently looked at heat transfer and electricity generation.  To tie these concepts to the real world, and our local community, we will be visiting Sundrop Farms to see how they generate heat using a concentrated solar thermal plant, and how they use that heat energy.  The excursion will take place Friday 24 September with students expected to arrive at the College at 8.30am for a 8.45am departure by bus.  Students will return for recess.

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Year 8 SEL Day


Social and Emotional learning involves students having the opportunities to learn and practice social skills under the five main headings; self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationships kills and responsible decision-making.  Throughout this term, Year 8 students have been exploring the importance of connection to self and others.  To continue this Social and Emotional Learning, students will engage in a dedicated day on Thursday 23 September to deepen their understandings and skills around specific areas. 


COVD-19 Vaccination - Year 11 and 12 Students


During September, South Australian Year 11 and 12 students aged 16 and over can get priority walk-in access for their COVID-19 vaccination at SA Health run vaccination clinics.  This walk-in access will give Year 11s and 12s the opportunity to be fully vaccinated before they finish the school year, which is typically a few weeks earlier than other year levels.  Year 11 and 12 students can receive a vaccination without an appointment at Port Augusta or any of the other clinics listed at  A student id card will need to be shown.

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Career Expo - Rescheduled


The Local Jobs Program has rescheduled the Career Expo to be held at the Central Oval Complex on Tuesday 21 September.  The expo will include a wide range of exhibitors offering an insight into job opportunities in our region.  All Year 10-11 students, as well as the Year 12 Workplace Practices class and any other interested Year 12 students will travel by bus to the Expo in lesson 3 and will return to school by lunchtime.

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Stage 2 (and Stage 1 Research Project) Holiday Seminar Workshops


There are a number of workshops that some subject teachers have scheduled for students undertaking their classes during the holidays.  The aim of these workshops is to spend time working through set tasks as well as providing extra support for students who have asked for it.

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Vocation Education Training (VET) 2022


There have been significant changes to the VET in Schools program, which is being replaced by the Flexible Industry Pathway program (FIPS).  This means changes to the application process, together with availability of funding and potentially delivery of various courses. Some of these changes have been included below. 

Students who choose to embark on a Flexible Industry Pathway will be required to participate in a VET Readiness Orientation (VETRO) which includes upfront assessment, induction and orientation to VET carried out by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). The VETRO will be carried out in Year 10 after the student has made a decision to commence the Flexible Industry Pathway. 

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Year 5/6 Semester 2 Mathematics


For the remainder of Semester 2, the Year 5/6 classes will trial splitting the students into year levels for Mathematics.  The classes will be split into one Year 5 class and two Year 6 classes.  This change allows teachers to tailor the Maths curriculum to better address students' specific needs at an appropriate level.

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Year 8 Health and Physical Education - Term 3

During Term 3, students in Year 8 Gold will be partnered up with Mr Muirhead's Year 12 PE class and partake in a coaching program to help them improve their understanding and skills in volleyball.  Students will be split up into teams and will be coached by the Year 12 students in the roles of tactical and technical skill development.  Being involved in such a program means that the term will primarily be practical lessons only, meaning that in this term the health curriculum will not be assessed due to the lack of lesson time availability.  Students are asked to wear their HPE uniform on Wednesday and Friday and should have a water bottle for all lessons.


Implementation of 1:1 Laptop Program


At Caritas College we are committed to providing an excellent Catholic education in the Josephite tradition to enable students to reach their full potential.  We understand and value the role of information technology (IT) in 21st century learning, and endeavour to use it to inspire a love of learning.  We are pleased to communicate to families that the Laptop Program for Years 7-9 will commence from the beginning of Term 4.  Each student will be responsible for their own laptop and will need to adhere to our College's Acceptable User Agreement which provides clear information about their rights and responsibilities of having a school owned device.

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