Special Education

All learners are special; everyone is unique; everyone is different.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum for all students. Classrooms cater for the variety of learning needs and styles in an inclusive model of education.

As a South Australian Catholic school, we value:

  • openness to God’s Spirit at work in our midst and living in our Catholic faith
  • respect for the dignity of each person
  • commitment to processes of learning that are formative, challenging, engaging, life-long and life-wide
  • inclusivity of those at the edges
  • sensitivity, justice and compassion

Caritas College is committed to the inclusion of all students, acknowledging that students with disabilities may have special educational needs in the school setting.

For students with special education needs, at the time of enrolment close liaison occurs between families, the Principal and Catholic Education SA personnel.

On enrolment an Action Plan is developed, including ongoing monitoring of the student’s needs, evaluation of the learning program and regular case reviews.

A place where we can grow

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