All Catholic Schools are required to prepare an Annual Report on school performance for their parents and the community each year as a requirement of the Schools Assistance Act 2008.

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School Board

Catholic schools participate in the mission of the Church. The work of the School Board takes place within the context of the work of the Catholic Church educating its young people in the Christian faith and for full participation in society.

The School Board is responsible to Bishop Greg O’Kelly and to the Director of Catholic Education in the Port Pirie Diocese.

There are three core principles underlying the service of the School Board to the Caritas College Community:


The second Vatican council affirmed the principle of subsidiarity or participation in the decision making of the Catholic Church. This principle ensures that, wherever appropriate, decisions are made at the local level. The principle of subsidiarily recognises the dignity of each individual person in the Church and encourages them to accept the responsibly that each have in the conduct and welfare of the community.


The School Board allows a spirit of partnership to be developed within the school community. The Board is constituted in a way that allows the various bodies within the school to be represented and to provide advice in regard to the development of the school and its management. Board meetings are times when the parish, parent body , staff , local community and the wider Catholic education community meet and work together for the holistic development of students, taking into consideration both the educational and spiritual welfare.


By virtue of our baptism, we are called to service. The process of Christian initiation draws individuals and communities into a life long process of conversation- transforming humanity from within and making it anew. Those who become disciples of Jesus Christ are called to love and serve their neighbour by using the gifts they have received. Christian service finds expression not only in individual action, but also in the way that people are with each other, the way they live together and bear witness to the gospel of life.

The Role of the Board

Develop policies that nurture the religious dimension and guide the direction of the school; Develop the relationships between the school and the local Church; Support the administration of the school

Ensure that the learning standards of the school must be at least as distinguished as that achieved in others schools in the religion:

  • Offer pastoral care to the school community
  • Protect children
  • Monitor buildings and grounds development and maintenance
  • Exercise financial stewardship of the school
  • Ensure compliance with legal obligations

Structure of the School Board

The Caritas College School Board has a number of sub committees meeting on a monthly basis between Board meetings to undertake the work of the Board:

  • Catholic Identity and Pastoral Care
  • Student Learning and Wellbeing
  • Finance and Planning
  • Buildings, Grounds Development and Maintenance

Manual for School Board Members

CESA Manual for School Board Members