The Parents and Friends of Caritas College meet monthly in the Caritas College staffroom in the Sr Sheila McCreanor Administration Centre.

The Parents and Friends Committee is affiliated with the Federation of Parents. The purpose of the Parents and Friends committee is to:

  • Participate in, or provide opportunity for consultation and collaboration between all groups within the school community
  • Organise social functions to enhance community spirit
  • Undertake fund raising activities to contribute to the school community
  • Liaise and co-operation with other groups such as the Caritas College School Board
  • Host information evenings to assist parental involvement in Education

As a parent of a child attending Caritas College, you are automatically affiliated with the Parents and Friends Committee.

You are invited to contribute your gifts and talents in service of the School Community in a variety of ways as a member of the committee or in volunteering your services to contribute to the actions of the Parents and Friends.

You are invited to provide the Parents and Friends committee with an indication of the ways in which you may be able to assist the School Community.

We look forward to your participation in the life of the College and School community and developing the strong partnership between home and school, vital for your child’s education.