Paschal Candle 1.png

2023 Paschal Candle


Those involved explored the meaning of the candle, appreciating the beauty of the Gulf and the Flinders to represent Port Augusta. Year 11 students, Rosslyn, Abby and Crystal collaborated with Ms Redden, enhancing the landscape of dawn and over the water, and through their partnership, created a striking dot art that they described as ‘welcoming through new opportunities for people to come together, and looking after the land and sea’. The new opportunities that come with a dawn, Easter and Jesus’s new life for us is symbolised through the sky against the Gulf and looking back to the Flinders Ranges on this year’s candle. As much as particular mountain peaks stand out more than others at times, as a whole, they are more majestic and inspiring. Wrapping around the candle to offer all views, depending on the perspective from where the viewer is observing the candle. The water’s edge frames the locality of the candle, visually acknowledging water as a life source and the foundation of Port Augusta’s heritage, a constant reminder of sacrifice and renewal through forgiveness. The radial centre of the sun emerges from behind the hills, as the dots fan out to enhance the sky. Crystal and Abby worked as a partnership to complete the sky, swapping seats be able to ensure a seamless combination of their style of dots. The vibrancy of the sky is gently reflected against the hills and capturing the ripples of the water. Painted by Ms Courtney Redden and students, Abby Kennett and Crystal Smith.

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