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Anniversary of Sr Mary Laurencia Honner


Each year, the college community gathers in remembrance of Sr Laurencia and her enduring legacy and commitment to God. The students joined in prayer and scattered rosemary on her grave as a symbol of remembrance.

Sr Laurencia was among some of the first Sisters of St Joseph to teach at Caritas College (then St Joseph’s) in 1878 when she moved to Port Augusta. In March of the same year, disaster struck, and Sister Laurencia was tragically burnt in a kerosene lamp accident. Upon news of the accident, Mary MacKillop rushed to the sister’s side and stayed with her until her death eight days later. Sr Laurencia was just 19 years old.

During the service, the students learnt about Sr Laurencia’s life, and her engagement with the Port Augusta community. They reflected on the demands of effective servant leadership, and what it means to dedicate themselves to their work in our Josephite school community. Sister Laurencia’s short story is filled with faith and courage and is one that we can all draw strength and inspiration from.


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