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SACE Results


We are extremely proud to have again achieved 100% SACE completion rate.  We extend our congratulations to Phoebe Hunter as Dux of the College with an ATAR of 99.80 and Meg Grover who obtained an ATAR of 98.95 (these results are the students raw score and do not include the University Equity Scheme bonus points).

Seven students received an ATAR of over 90, which also included seven Merits.  Over 33% of all the grades obtained were in the 'A' grade band, which is a great achievement.  100% of the grades awarded to our Year 12 students were 'C' grade or better.

1 in 5 of our Year 12 students successfully completed their SACE taking advantage of a VET pathway.  These students obtained a certificate II or III in their respective courses.  We congratulate those students who have been successful in securing a traineeship, apprenticeship or employment as a result of their VET pathway.

We acknowledge those students who have achieved great success in their learning and personal development, which is not always reflected in an ATAR score.

We would also like to acknowledge the teaching and non-teaching staff who have played an essential role in nurturing and supporting our students to develop a love of learning, especially in the face of such challenges this year.

We wish all of our students every success and happiness in their future endeavours.

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