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Our Uniform

Uniform requirements
Caritas College students are expected to uphold the professional nature of their school through wearing their uniform.
In Terms 1 and 4 the summer uniform is to be worn and in Terms 2 and 3 the winter uniform is to be worn  (Summer or winter uniform may be worn during first two weeks of Term 2 and final two weeks of Term 3). The School also has a sports uniform for its students.


Uniform review

Throughout 2019 a review of our Uniform Policy was conducted by a committee on behalf of the College Board. The committee consulted with the College community to develop an understanding of the effectiveness of the current Uniform Policy. Considerable time was also spent exploring the possibilities of change. The work of this committee concluded at the end of last year and the outcome of the review was recently presented to the Board who endorsed the forthcoming changes. Therefore, I am foreshadowing that there will be some new and exciting developments to our Uniform Policy. These changes will be communicated to the College community in the coming weeks and the new uniform will be implemented in 2021. Therefore, parents can be assured that there will be a significant lead in time to prepare for this change. Furthermore, once the new uniform has been implemented there will be a two-year transition period which will allow families to get full use out of the current uniform items.


Where can I get school uniforms?
65 Commercial Road SA 5700
Telephone: (08) 86424358
Secondhand uniforms
You may find secondhand uniforms available in the community by visiting;
Facebook: Caritas College Uniforms buy swap & sell
Secondhand local stores: Vinnies and Lifeline

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