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Our Uniform

Our New Trans-Seasonal Uniform

After a thorough review of our Uniform Policy in 2019, we are pleased to share with you that beginning in 2021 our College will implement a new uniform.  This initiative is in unison with and complements the announcement of our refreshed identity and branding.

The new uniform will be trans-seasonal which means that we will no longer have a formal winter and a summer uniform.  The Reception-Year 2 students will now wear a SmartPlay uniform all year round which will support our younger students to be physically active throughout the day.  The formal uniform will be introduced from Year 3 onwards and students will have the choice of what garments they wear throughout the year.  We will also have a new-look sports uniform.

Our new uniform will be ordered and purchased online via a parent portal with uniforms delivered directly to your home.  The College will have sizing kits available to enable students and parents to come on site to try on garments to assist them in ordering.  

In preparation for the implementation of our new uniform, orders will be taken from families later this term once we have received sizing kits.  

There will be a 2 year transition as we implement the new uniform which means that students will still be able to wear the current uniform until the end of 2022.  

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