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School Board

Catholic schools participate in the mission of the Church. The work of the School Board takes place within the context of the work of the Catholic Church educating its young people in the Christian faith and for full participation in society.

The School Board is responsible to Bishop Greg O’Kelly and to the Director of Catholic Education in the Port Pirie Diocese.

Representatives for 2018

The current Board members are:

Principal (Acting)

Mr Damian Smith


Mr Brett Humphrys

Parish Representative

Fr Jim Monaghan

Josephite Representative

Sr Helen Duke

Community Representatives

Ms Catherine Brook
Mrs Kimberley Cowey
Mr David Finlayson
Mr Kym Grover
Mr Brian Miller

Staff Representative

Mrs Veronica McLachlan


SCHOOL FINANCE COMMITTEE: Damian Smith, David Beltrame, Kimberley Cowey & Brett Humphrys

BUILDING, GROUNDS & MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE: Damian Smith, David Beltrame, Denise Ackland (WH&S), Brian Miller & Kym Grover

STUDENT LEARNING & WELL-BEING COMMITTEE: Damian Smith, Mary Manning, David Finlayson & Catherine Brook

PASTORAL CARE & CATHOLIC IDENTITY COMMITTEE: Fr Jim Monaghan, Sr Helen Duke & Damian Smith

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