Information technology

At Caritas College we:

  • value relationships as the basis of all learning for a more just society
  • foster an environment which values the ethical use of technology
  • use ICT to nurture a love of learning
  • acknowledge the diverse range of access to IT
  • are committed to providing equitable access to IT resources in the learning environment.

The use of ICT across all learning areas from Reception to Year 12 is an integral part of the teaching and learning program. Students at Caritas College have extensive access to technology at school.

All ICT services at Caritas College are supported by the ICT Policy (see below). Information Communications Technology Policy.pdf Social Media Policy 2016.pdf

 Information Communications Technology Policy.pdf
 Social Media Policy 2016.pdf

Staff/Student access

Home Remote Access & School Wireless Access

  1. Open the browser and type in the address bar and enter. The first time you log in you will be prompted to download an application and run. (Instructions for accessing Citrix below)
  2. You will be prompted to put in your school log on details
  3. A window will appear with an icon labelled virtual computer – open this and the school desktop will start to load.

School Email Access

 Instructions for accessing Caritas College Citrix Portal - Windows and Mac Version 1.1.pdf
 Instructions for installing Office 365.pdf