Learning across the nine learning areas is complemented by a comprehensive range of age appropriate co-curricular activities.

Sport and recreation

Students may be selected for SAPSASA and SASSSA Sports Teams. If successful, representatives travel across SA to compete with city and country schools. Local community Sporting Clubs also provide opportunities for membership in a variety of sports. Day Treks to discover the beauty of the Flinders Rangers are held in the autumn. spring and winter months.

Caritas College Athletics Team

Students in Year 3-7 have the opportunity to participate in the Catholic Schools Athletics carnival in Adelaide.  Years 8-12 students have the opportunity to represent Caritas College in the Spencer Gulf Combined Catholic Schools Athletics team, which competes in Adelaide. The possibility of competing in different venues and meeting students from Country and City areas provides the students with a rich experience that extends beyond the actual sporting contests.

The Arts

In addition to the formal specialist Music curriculum taught across R-12, students can participate in instrumental musical tuition with peripatetic tutors. They have the opportunity to participate in the Combined Primary Schools Band, and Percussion Group, which performs in Port Augusta. Year 8-12 students may join with the Port Augusta Secondary School Concert Band.

Students are invited to participate in a variety of opportunities to demonstrate the visual and performing Arts through:

  • Music performances
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Drama Performances
  • Students demonstrate and display their art work, skills, performances

Liturgical music

Students have the opportunity to be involved in providing music for the school celebrations such as Eucharistic Celebrations, Assemblies and Liturgical Celebrations. Leadership of students in liturgy provides experience of prayer and enables a rich spiritual development.

Students are invited to participate in liturgical life of the All Saints Parish Community.

Student Representative Council

Students from Reception to Year 12 are elected to the SRC. Student matters are discussed in class meetings and are taken to the SRC to be discussed and resolved. It proves both services and leadership in the school community.

Debating and public speaking

Students have the opportunity to participate in Public Speaking Competitions (eg. Lions Youth of the Year).  Leadership is exercised often through students being given various opportunities for public and community speaking.

Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

Students are able to receive support in their learning from parents and friends and students mentors who work with students to develop self-esteem, specific skills in a variety of areas and sharing of friendship and learning.  Year 12 students contribute significantly to our LAP program by volunteering one study lesson per cycle to work with a primary buddy.

Work experience

Years 10,11 and 12 students have access to a comprehensive Work Education and Experience Program conducted during school terms. This program provides students with first-hand information in exploring further study and career options.