Behaviour education

Caritas College is committed to a wholistic education where student learning and wellbeing are integral to the school vision. The dignity and worth of each person is valued and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that behaviours at school enable students to learn and teachers to teach.

Respectful behaviours of self, others, the environment and property are expected and are based on gospel values of forgiveness, justice and compassion.

These expectations apply while the student is at school or at any school related activities where a student is representing Caritas College.

Caritas College uses a balanced approach to behaviour education. A proactive, educative approach is promoted. This balanced approach to behaviour education therefore requires educative, pastoral care, legal and discipline responses to individual sets of circumstances.

Mutual partnerships between families, students and school staff are critical in the successful implementation of this policy and in the growth and development of young people.

The Caritas College Behaviour Education Policy supports our school motto ‘In All Things Love,’ reflecting our efforts to assure the right of every member to a safe environment and the responsibility of every person to promote safe practices.

 Behaviour Education Policy 2013