Assessment and reporting

At Caritas College assessment is used to support ongoing student growth. It is used so that students may learn more about themselves. It is a process rather than an event after learning, where teachers use curriculum frameworks to develop specific achievement targets that enable students to strive for improvement against their individual set of learning goals.

Assessment provides students with insights about how to improve achievement, helps teachers diagnose and respond to student needs, and supports parents to see progress over time.

At Caritas College students from Reception to Year 12 receive feedback from teachers indicating their achievement against assessment criteria. Caritas College reports student achievement to families in a variety of ways, including learning portfolios, interviews and formal reports (compliant with Commonwealth legislation requirements).

Students also undertake an ongoing program of national assessments that monitor progress. These include national literacy and numeracy (NAPLAN) tests, sample assessments in science, literacy, civics and citizenship, ICT, and Australia’s participation in international assessments.

 Assessment and Reporting Policy 2016.pdf