Year 12 Retreat


This was their home for the next two days on retreat. Retreat provides students with a unique opportunity to refresh and regroup during a very busy time of the year, whilst also engaging them in a number of reflective activities centred on ‘Our Call to Love’.

Students explored and developed an understanding of the ways in which human desire is an expression of God’s desire for humanity to live in love and throughout the retreat students engaged in prayer, liturgy, discussion, journal writing, group work and debate. They reflected on their human experience and discussed virtues, such as compassion, courage, justice, fidelity and integrity. They were also able to express their understanding of love creatively in a beautifully crafted patchwork quilt, with each student designing and producing their own ‘patch’.

Thursday evening began with Father Khalid leading us in a beautifully reflective Eucharist celebration before dinner, which was followed by a garbage bag fashion parade that was beyond anything imagined and a quiz night to rival all others.

The students participated with eagerness and enthusiasm and were rewarded with a truly memorable and profound experience.

Joy in belonging         Pride in achieving         Hope in serving

Joy in belonging | Pride in achieving | Hope in serving