At Caritas we value the learning that takes place for students beyond the school day.  The work done in the classroom is complemented by work that is expected to carried out at home. The Home Learning Policy at Caritas College values learning that takes place in the home environment. Guidelines are provided to families in relation to home learning.

Homework is year-level specific to accommodate for the capabilities of the students.

Families of Junior primary students are encouraged to participate in shared reading and listening to reading at home. Numeracy skills are integrated into ordinary household tasks and duties where students can be involved.

Middle primary students are provided with structured home learning goals to enable them to balance school and home life.

Middle years learners are provided with up to one hour of home learning activities per night. Three learning areas are timetabled as home learning on Monday – Thursday evenings.

Senior students develop study routines and timetables with the assistance of their teachers in developing skills in time management and prioritising their workload.

Caritas College Homework Centre

The aim of the centre is to provide students with the opportunity to complete daily homework or assessments with relevant teacher support.  Students from Year 7 - 12 are welcome to attend every Thursday from 3:30pm until 4:30pm in room E09 in the Sr Mary Laurencia building.  Students will have access to computers for the duration of each session and may come along to as many home work sessions as they wish during the term.